A.V.A (Alliance of Valiant Arms)

AVA is an acronym for Alliance of Valiant Arms, a game developed by Korea's RedDuck and distributed in the United States by NHN USA on their website AVA is a free-to-play first-person shooter game which is based almost entirely on multiplayer, excluding Prison Break, Suppression and the practice modes. Although AVA is free-to-play, it does have an option to purchase G-Coin from ijji to buy almost any in-game item from an EXP bonus to any primary weapon. Note that there is no level requirement to purchase a weapon with G-Coin, but there is for many of the weapons when bought with the in-game currency (Euro). In AVA, the player can choose their team and weapon class. There are 2 teams: The EU [European Union] and the NRF [Neo-Russian Federation]. There are also 3 classes, each with different ranges, mobilities, damages, etc.: Pointman, Rifleman and Sniper (you may find more information on these classes in the 'Weapons' sub-category of this wiki). Also, there are many different game modes to choose from including:





-Prison Break (AI)

-Suppression (AI, however, not currently in the US version of AVA)



(You may find more information about these modes in the 'Game Modes' sub-section)

AVA also has features which allow you to add buddies, create/join a clan (and clan war, on that matter), whisper (PM) users, follow (join) users and report hackers in-game. AVA also has NVIDIA 3D support with select NVIDIA graphics cards. IMO, the best trait of AVA is that it runs on Epic Game's Unreal 3 Engine, delivering high-quality graphics with low system demands. AVA's gameplay is fast-paced and is sure to keep most gamers engaged.