Pointman weapons are built for close range combat.

They consist of shotguns (eg. Remington 870, SPAS12, Benelli M1014...etc), carbines (eg. AKS-74U), and sub-machine guns (eg. MP5A3, Uzi, UMP45...etc).

Rifleman weapons are built for general use. Their weapons have a good balance of firepower, range, and accuracy.

As their class name suggests, their weapons consist of assault rifles (eg. AK47, G3A3, FAMAS...etc) and certain carbines. (eg. M4A1)

Sniper weapons

Snipers are long range combatants whose weapon of choice is a sniper rifle. The snipers included in AVA consist of both bolt-action snipers and semi-automatic snipers (eg. TPG-1 [Bolt], M24 [Bolt], Galil Sniper [Semi-Auto]...etc.)


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