George Washington


United States

Years President:

1789 - 1797

And so on.

And so on.

Some people don't understand how to use the editor to their full advantage, so I'll show you a few tips for headers. Have you ever done an outline for a history paper, or something else? Lets say our subject is George Washington.

George Washington

Simple enough right, you use Heading 2, this is for bigger topics, and not small topics. Now lets talk about him.

First President

The first president is Heading 3, it's a subtopic to Heading 2. When was he the first president?

1789 - 1797

These are the years he was president. They are Heading 4. You shouldn't even get this small into detail, but if you do, then where was he president?

The United States

This is Heading 5. You won't need to get this small into details, ever really.

I will add onto this, but just remember to use headings, it cleans up your works. Infoboxes are also a lot of help, the info box is on the left. On your wiki edit, an info box can be chosen from the "Template" panel.

Still confused? Use this.

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