Welcome to the ijji Wiki!

Welcome to the ijji wiki! This is here for many reasons, like seeing things ijji fails to add to guides, more in depth guides to places, or weapons, and things like that! Feel free to edit it!

We need help!

Since this is a completely new Wiki, we could really use your help to set it up with information! I (GGReactors, Reactor on the ijji forums) have set up all of the categories, and sub categories for all of the ijji games, except a few which I couldn't get clear. If you have any ideas, please send me a message on the forums about them. Even small edits will help right now, soon I will add new templates for the guns, and maps, and things like that. For now, please just try to provide accurate information, I will appreciate it greately. Please tell friends in-game, and in real life about this. I'm going to try to get some type of support from the GMs to make this more popular.


Like nice, and clean. Well laid out. Use infoboxes as they are needed to sort the things you need.

I appreciate all of the work I have seen some people doing. It really helps me out. For now, spammers will be common, because I'm the only Administrator. I'm already making logs though of people, who may deserve it over time and who wont.

I need category suggestions.

If you have any suggestions for the games that need categories, just tell me on the forums (Reactor). I'm not very sure what to put.

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