Rule #1: Do NOT register with a 'GM_' name.

Rule #2: Do not add false information.

Rule #3: When editing, use facts and not opinions.

Example: That gun is really good. - WRONG

Example: The gun has 30 shots. - GOOD.

Rule #4: Don't copy and paste. At least reword it.

Rule #5: Do not post innapropriate language, or pictures. Doing so will result in a ban.


Tip #1: Try to give more detail to sentences. In example one, you can see what color the gun is, but in example two you can have more of an idea what the gun is. Example two is better than example one, but they are both allowed.

Example 1: The gun was gold.

Example 2: The gun was a Golden AK-47S with 30 round clips.

'Tip #2': Use infoboxes. They can really help with the information.

Tip #3: Keep everything clean. Don't type everything out unorganized, the main reason I worked on this was to avoid confusion with things on the forums, or the game guides.

Tip #4: Keep it up to date. If you see something from march, and it's april, and it was recently updated, then fix it for us, please!