G3 Battle Rifle
From top to bottom: G3a3, G3ZF, G3a4

Country of orign:

West Germany

Years used:



Heckler and Koch, Mauser, CETME


Mainly by Heckler and Koch. Others built under lisence world wide.


7.62x51mm NATO

Rate of fire:

500 rounds a minute


The G3a3 can trace its routes back to the final days of World War II. Weapons manufacturers in Nazi Germany were looking for cheaper weapons to make because all their wealth was slowly being taken away from them due to advancing Allied soldiers. The StG44, which was a common weapon in 1944-1945, was amazing and was nothing short of a miracle. It did have, however, one flaw. It was expensive to produce. So since early 1944, weapons designers were trying to find a way to produce a weapon like the StG (sturmgewehr) 44, but with a cheaper cost to produce. So in 1945, the StG45 was made. The cost to produce was 45 reichsmarks, compared to the StG44's 70. Only 30 prototype StG45's were built before WW2 ended, but this weapon influenced the design of the G3a3. The StG45 used a then new, Roller Delayed blowback mechanism. This mechanism can be seen in the G3a3, CETME, MP5 and the MG42. The G3a3 uses a 7.62x51mm NATO round and is used in battle fields all over the world due to its reliability and inexpensive cost. The G3 is usually seen with a 20 round box magazine. Some variants are still in use with German forces, but for the most part are obsolete. In other armies however, the G3 is still used as their main rifles. Such armies include Greece, Guyana and Kenya.

In Soldier Front:Edit

The G3a3 is somewhat popular among players. It is not nearly as popular as the M4A1, but not nearly as rare as the Type 89. The weapon, like most other assault rifles, has a 30 round magazine, although it is not typical for the G3a3 to have a 30 round magazine. The damage is very good, hitting high 60's and low 70's at knife range, and hitting 50's at medium-close range. The recoil is somewhat large, but is easy to control. The spray pattern is decent, but sometimes a few bullets fly off target, so it is recommended that single shot or bursts be used when firing at long range. The price of this gun is on the high side, 55,000sp but with some training this weapon can become deadly. The rank needed to buy this gun without g coins is 2nd Lt.