Country of origin:


Years used:





FN Herstel

Rate of fire:

900 rounds a minute




The P90 is a personal defense weapon, or, PDW. This means that unlike a standard submachine gun, it can fire armor piercing rounds. P90 is an abbreviation of Project 9.0. The P90 is a bullpup and ambidextrous weapon system, making it suitable for all users. Another unique feature of the P90 is that the magazine is mounted on the top. This allows for 50 round magazines without making the weapon larger than normal. Lightness and compactness were the goal of the P90. Much like the M4A1, the P90 was designed to be in use with non-frontline troops, such as body guards or vehicle drivers and to give them more firepower than pistols and traditional submachine guns. The P90 comes with a standard reflex sight and back up iron sights.

In Soldier Front:Edit

The P90 is seen every now and again but its not extremley popular. The damage is decent for a submachine gun, dealing medium 40's to low 50's (although low 50's are not common) at knife range on the head, but when compared to an assault rifle, it gets out gunned easily. The weapon is good for jumping, but this should only be done in close quarter battles. At far ranges the accuracy isnt horrible, but it isnt perfect either. For longer ranges, like most other weapons, its reccommended that the user single shots or burst shots. One unique part of this gun is that is has a 50 round clip, which is more than any assault rifle or sub machine gun. Even though the power isnt great, the 50 round clip can make up for it. This weapon should mainly be used in close quarter fights, otherwise it can easily be outgunned. For unknown reasons, the user can not aim down the sights of the reflex scope, while any other scoped weapon can be aimed. In most foreign sf's, the graphics are more updated and in those versions, there is no reflex scope on the p90, it is instead replaced with iron sights. The p90 is very light weight and portal and ideal for close rushing battles.