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An unlit version of the map Shanghai. Used as the thumbnail on ijji's game guide.


Port in Shanghai

Mission Type:

Escape (Flee)

Map Size:


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The map Shanghai is located as a secluded port in Shanghai. It is a smaller sized map, but is commonly played. There are many buildings, and warehouses. There are crates left over on the docks, and on other places of the map, scattered around.


The objective of the map is to get to the submarine as the red team, without being killed by the blue team.

Red Team Winning:

The red team wins by one player escaping to the submarine.

Blue Team Winning:

The blue team wins by killing the red team before they can finish their escape.


Red Team Rushing:

A player can easily rush on the red team by running straight, through or to the side of the warehouse, through the alley and then onto the docks.

Hot SpotsEdit

  • Warehouse A when starting off. Blue team tries to get into the warehouse but you can shoot them through the window.
  • Alley next to the warehouse. Good place to prevent the blue team from rushing the warehouse from behind.
  • Huge green containers can be used to camp, prevent red team from rushing.
  • Warehouse B is a stand off place when it is 1v1. Red team will be in the warehouse/next to it by the box and the blue team will be behind the boxes on the docks.

Camping AreasEdit


The office at the blue spawn is a good camping area, and can be used to pick off players of the red team as they attempt to cross the street.


There are many crates that a player can camp behind throughout the map.