Type 89

Country of origin:



Assault Rifle

Years used:



Howa Industries

Used By:

Japan Self Defense Forces, Japan Coast Guard, Special Assault Team


The Type 89 is a Japanese select fire assault rifle. It uses 5.56x45mm standard NATO ammunition. This assault rifle is mainly in use with the JGSDF (Japan ground self defense forces) and the Japanese coast guard. The only variant of the Type 89 is the Type 89F or known as the Type 89 "Para." It features a folding stock and as a result has lighter weight than the full verison. The Type 89 has 3 firing modes: Full automatic, Semi automatic and 3-round burst, along with safe mode. The Type 89 features a 30 round magazine.

In Soldier Front:Edit

The Type 89 in soldier front is rare and many people choose other assault rifles over the Type 89. The Type 89 has substantial recoil, but this can be overcome by skillfull burst and single shot firing. The spray pattern on full auto is inaccurate, but with controlled recoil some accuracy can be retained. The damage of this gun is decent, rarley hitting below 35 in close combat.