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Team BattleEdit

The focus in this mode is to accomplish a certain goal with your teammates in accordance to each different map. Team Battle modes have a variety of distinctive missions including the Blast Operation (setting up an explosion at a specific regional target), the Capturing Operation (seizing a certain item within the game), the Flee Operation (making an escape to a targeted destination), and the Dual Operation (obtaining a certain item before the enemy does). The normal game team battle usually is 8 vs 8.

Blast OperationEdit


The game unfolds with the mission of the Red Team having to set up the explosives at a certain targeted area while the Blue Team tries to prevent it. A bomb can be installed or defused by pressing “E” on your keyboard when your character reaches a spot colored red on the map.

Bomb installation

5 secondsEdit

Defusing the bomb

7 secondsEdit

Bomb timer

35 secondsEdit


3 minutes 30 secondsEdit