Categories of weapons in Soldier Front are sniper rifles, sub Machine guns, assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, machine guns, grenades and knives.

Debatably the most popular weapon category is the assault rifle. Many assault rifles are reasonably priced and deliver good firepower. Sniper rifles are varied with prices, ranging from very cheap (20,000 sp for the PSG1) to very expensive (75,000 sp for the WA2000) Almost all snipers are 1 hit chest/head kills unless the enemy is wearing armor (In some cases, its still 1 hit kill with armor.) Sub Machine guns are probably the least expensive primary weapons available. They are usually underpowered, but accurate. Machine guns are usually used in horror mode, but outside of horror mode they are rare. For secondary weapons, the pistol is the least expensive. Shotguns are expensive for a secondary, but at close range they do their job. There are 5 kinds of grenades as of now in soldier front. The standard m67 frag, the rgd5, the vx gas grenade, the flash bang and the m8 smoke. The only knife available in soldier front right now is the M9 knife, but in the korean version of the game there is an axe and a longer blade available.